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    Synology® Unleashes Scalable RackStation RS810+ and DiskStation DS411+ High-performance NAS Servers with Extensive Functionality for SMB Users

    Oy Ver

    Synology® Unleashes Scalable RackStation RS810+ and DiskStation DS411+ High-performance NAS Servers with Extensive Functionality for SMB Users

    Synology® Inc. today officially launched RackStation RS810+ and DiskStation DS411+, 4-bay NAS servers with rich business-oriented features, appealing to SMB that demands flexible and great performance network attached storage solution.

    Businesses need a strong foundation to face mission-critical tasks and can rely on the Synology RS810+ and DS411+ to deliver high-performance. Tested under RAID 5 configuration in a Windows® environment, the Synology RS810+ and DS411+ deliver an average of 112MB/sec reading speed while RS810+ writes at 107MB/sec and DS411+ writes at 106MB/sec. The web server responsiveness rates are remarkable, the Synology RS810+ and DS411+ take less than 32 seconds to handle 1,000 simultaneous requests.

    For forward-thinking and continuously expanding SMB, the Synology RS810+ offers a scalable option of 16 TB storage once connected with RX410 to accommodate for future storage need and is expandable to up to 3 GB RAM. The Synology RS810+ was certified to be VMware® ready, delivering a reliable storage solution for virtualization deployment. The hard drives are hot swappable to ensure continual service uptime when the drives need replacement. Instead of removing the whole unit from the rack, its mainboard could be unscrewed easily, providing a cost-effective and trouble-free maintenance way. For businesses that require uninterrupted data sharing and protection, the Synology RS810RP+ comes with a redundant power supply, which optimizes data availability and safety.
    The Synology RS810+ operates at 68 watts while DS411+ consumes at 60.5 watts. With energy conservation features such as Wake on LAN/WAN, scheduled power on/off and hard drive hibernation, users are not only able to reduce expenditure, but also contribute to keeping the planet green.

    "The Synology RS810+ and DS411+ run on the award-winning operation system, Synology DiskStation Manager 2.3 (DSM 2.3), and are specifically designed for businesses who want an affordable alternative to several network devices or even costly PC server," said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology Inc. The Synology RS810+ and DS411+ metamorphose into web servers that host up to 30 websites with Web Station, affordable surveillance systems supporting up to 20 IP cameras with Surveillance Station and mail servers that support various protocols with Mail Station. In addition, comprehensive business orientated features are being provided, including cross-platform data sharing, encrypted data storage and transmission, all-round backup solution, block-based iSCSI target and Windows ADS integration. Synology RS810+, RS810RP+ and RX410 come backed with an industry-leading 5 years warranty while DS411+ with 2 years, offering users the ultimate peace of mind.


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