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    Quake 3 Update 1.29f

    iD Software Q3'ün 1.29f update'ini çıkardı .Dosyanın getirdiği yenilikler ise:

    -scoreboard problems within TA.

    Scoreboard was reporting the wrong number of players and ghost players

    - Problems with NT 4.0 and Sound within version 1.27h

    - single player crash when a player would replay q3dm0 in single player mode

    - In TA, if a player gets an award sound in warmup, the sound will repeat for no reason once the map restarts

    - single player bug that would change the fraglimit and capture limit of single player maps

    - proxmine sounds trying to be loaded in non-TA game

    - wrong "Transfer rate" being reported on autodownloads in CTF

    - If a password on a dedicated server is set, bots cannot connect

    - r_lodcurseerror is not cheat protected

    - Single player all maps, can get stuck in third person view after round is over

    - Crash - Scrolling through the players Handicap during single player match

    - Auto-download problems in certain cases

    - Player model animation/After giving orders, player becomes stuck in animation

    - Users not being able to change music in maps

    - Guard Cheat...Set your handicap at 10,000 via the console then pickup a guard. It sets your health at some insane value (16000 or )

    - Crash - starting a sever, filling all slots with bots

    - Voteable maps are based on client's gametype - not server's

    - set predictable player events to zero on spawn because the prediction is out of sync anyway

    - double player entity events (double events a client plays on other players in the game)

    - synced client shotgun spread pattern with server

    - server crash on map load due to sending config strings

    - Some of the orders in the in-game menu function wrong

    - Mouse sensitivity being altered by changes made in code that communicates with direct input

    - Demos in Quake III 1.27g not showing up

    - + \dir models/players/ tga.......the first letters of the filenames are omitted

    - Add cvar "fs_baseGame" which allows people to base mods upon mods

    - Quake3 - Single Player - Warnings received on q3dm0

    - You don't hear the opponent taking the jumppad until u see him

    - have a dedicated server reference the cgame.qvm in the last pk3 found when alphabetically ordered; for pure

    - If you use forcemodel now in singleplayer it will default you to sarge and not let you choose another model to use.

    - TA defaults to setting a time limit instead of a frag limit on single player games

    - Q3A/Q3:TA specific flag on entities

    - In CTF, if a user times out with the flag it is gone from game until map is restarted

    - "spawn inside a player" bug

    - Add OSP TAB in TA and fixed alliance tab in server browser

    - Quake3 - Single Player - Warnings received on q3dm0

    - if a user times out with the flag it is gone from game until map is restarted

    - TA and Q3 Screenshot overwrite bug.

    - Voice taunt bug where sounds were being queued then released all at once.

    - Dedicated server crash bug (Server would crash after 48hrs, every time)

    - James model Error bug

    - AutoJoin, Autobalence Bug...Probably related to scoreboard bug

    - The intermission screen in a single player game has a button for "demo", that hints at a demo playback of the game that you just finished, however it does not work

    - Shell - start server, CTF bot list is in FFA format

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